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7:00 PM Wed May 1st

Acts: Pendulosity, Jackets, Fractal

Pendulosity - Indie - Maryland (Long Form Improv)

Pendulosity gives you the facts. Facts you never knew you needed, but still facts. Swinging between comedy and source material for your graduate thesis, Pendulosity delivers the goods, and yes there really are two mammals that lay eggs.

Jackets - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Just a group of goofballs who keep things loose and silly with their fast-paced improv comedy style. Jackets is sure to bring comedy that will keep you warm with quick-witted banter and deep belly laughs.

Fractal - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Fractal takes your suggestions and builds them into impossible scenes right before your eyes. Watch this Baltimore-based premise-based troupe take you on a wild ride you will never forget.

8:30 PM Wed May 1st

Acts: OLGA, The Middle West, Bad Karaoke Experience

OLGA - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

OLGA's improv is based on a fundamental belief that supportive relationships and performer trust make for the best comedy. They describe their style as a patient and silly 'slow burn.' They currently perform a two person Swarm.

The Middle West - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

A slow brooding character driven monoscene with confessions to the audience. We explore the location given to us by the audience, while exploring our characters and ourselves.

Bad Karaoke Experience - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Musical Improv)

Harold! The Musical: Come see the classic Harold improv format performed as a musical with big opening and closing numbers, scenes and songs, and musical group games. All music and scenes are made up on the spot.

10:00 PM Wed May 1st

Acts: Knob Hands, Chicken Shit Bingo, Richard Dreyfuss

Knob Hands - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Knob Hands is an Improv team, yes, but not an ordinary one. Weaving in and out of scenes like dream sequences, we first embrace and then destroy chaos in between doing scenes about making sandwiches.

Chicken Shit Bingo - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Chicken Shit Bingo is part long form improv troupe, part cult, and part every octogenarian's favorite pastime. Some guys think they can be winners, but the first prize always goes to these rank beginners.

Richard Dreyfuss - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Sketch)

Richard Dreyfuss is a Baltimore-based sketch comedy group that wants to enhance your lives. We've been working out for the summer, and we're more aesthetically pleasing than ever.

7:00 PM Thurs May 2nd

Acts: Groundhog and Butler, Scrapple, Topiary

Groundhog and Butler - Indie - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

Groundhog and Butler (Steph Masucci and Mike Butler) adhere to the creed "Hungry Improvisors Run Faster." They are an aggressive independent duo from Philadelphia who jump from character to character, scene to scene, and back again with their fast-paced and exhausting two-person performance.

Scrapple - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

The Mid-Atlantic's greatest breakfast meat is coming to the Charm City Comedy Festival with their Four Play format! Best served with your favorite syrup.

Topiary - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Topiary expands a word into a story, and then another story, and then another story, and suddenly an entire hilarious world where everyone (maybe even you!) gets involved in the hilarity!

8:30 PM Thurs May 2nd

Acts: Classic, Thunderspike!, Xylobone

Classic - Indie - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

Borne from a love of silliness, jazz hands, an overwhelming desire for crackers, and cause we're all friends. By turn, each of us secretly thinks the others are, “the pretty one,” “the smart one,” or “the funny one” and all of us work hard to make the others laugh. Our ranks include suburban refugees, vegetarians, two birthday twins, moms and pet moms, a beer snob, artists, and a Viking. We make fun of ourselves, so you don’t have to! Keep it Classic (Improv).

Thunderspike! - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

Anvil heads flashes...THUNDERSPIKE makes LANDFALL in BALTIMORE! THUNDERSPIKE is an ELECTRIFYING independent improv comedy group based in Washington, D.C. that is sure to SHOCK and delight you with uproarious scenes pulled from thin air! You've seen 'em in D.C., you've seen 'em in Silver Spring, now see 'em in Baltimore! Make sure to stay after the show to grab a picture with your favorite THUNDERSPIKER, or maybe even an autograph!

Xylobone - Indie - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

Once upon a time, a mad scientist used the bones of a group of Philly improvisers to form a brand new musical instrument: a XYLOBONE! This otherworldly contraption combines the deathly funny skills of ten different people to wreak hilarious havoc on the Philly improv scene. Together, Xylobone creates zany worlds that are filled with absurd characters, yet are grounded by relationships and supportive teamwork.

10:00 PM Thurs May 2nd

Acts: Norman, Ready, Set, No!, Lip Sync Battle

Norman - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Norman is an improv duo from Baltimore: Kim Scarfe and Ben Broedel. Their character driven act will take you on a journey into the the lives of the most absurd characters they can think up. If something weird comes up, they go in that direction. Their act is fun, energetic, and has lots of laughs for everyone!

Ready, Set, No! - Indie - Baltimore (Improvised Anti-Drug Campaign)

You may not know it, but something you do every day and think is totally safe is actually DANGEROUS! Ready Set No is here to educate you, so you can say NO and be cool, JUST LIKE US!

Lip Sync Battle - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore (Improvised Lip Sync Competition)

Alexa Sciuto leads this parade of costumed characters that will whet your appetite for competition, as well as make you ROFL.

7:00 PM Fri May 3rd

Acts: Bandicoot, One of Us is Jewish, Meggie & Laura

Bandicoot - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Fresh out of the box, this new troupe has a youthful approach to match. Fanciful and free, their style relies heavily on game and physicality, and is spattered with absurdity. Watch carefully - you don't want to miss a single moment from this fantastic collective. They currently perform a Monoscene with a Bruce Nelson Harold opening

One of Us is Jewish - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)
One Of Us Is Jewish weaves slow burning scenes that crescendoes into hilarity. We're like that miracle oil the Maccabees found!

Meggie & Laura  - Indie - Chicago, IL (Sketch)

Meggie Gates and Laura Petro are a sketch duo hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They have written and performed in 4 different sketch revues at the Second City Training Center: "Pajama Friendship Party Time!," "A Corporate Christmas Miracle: The Musical -- Sort Of," "Fairytales and Folklore in a Dramatic Setting," and "Journey Through Time." The two women have also done sketch at various variety shows around the Chicago area, as well as performed in festivals all around the U.S. They spend little to no time apart. They also enjoy Instagram (@meggie_and_laura), and making new friends. Their friendship anniversary is June 13th, 2016.

8:30 PM Fri May 3rd

Acts: Chit Chat, The Quitters, The Flood

Chit Chat - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Improvised Morning Talk Show)

Baltimore's most famous unknown talk show, CHIT CHAT - starring Chester St. Christopher and Chippy Cohen - brings the morning to late night. A parade of awkward, weird, and hilarious guests comes and goes while Chester and Chippy explore their relationship through bantering back and forth, reading viewer letters, and sharing controversial opinions. It's not to be missed!

The Quitters - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

The Quitters are an all-female team that uses an audience suggestion to craft characters and relationships that collide in a single location. Will we quit something? Maybe; it's hard to say, because we quit making promises. After all, we're all just a bunch of natural-born quitters. Get behind it, Quitter Nation.

The Flood - Indie - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

The Flood is a Philadelphia-based, indie-team focusing on monoscenes - best described as a one act play made up on the spot. The Flood found their name when three of the four founding members experienced serious water issues in their personal lives during the first few months of practice. They are happy to say that the fourth member is still escaping his watery fate.

10:00 PM Fri May 3rd

Acts: Lord Baltimort, ROT Improv, Where The Trees Are

Lord Baltimort - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

CCCP's newest team possesses formidable magic! This wickedly sharp group knows how to cast all the spells to create a whirlwind of hilarious comedy. They're loyal, brave, clever AND book smart. And they'll act like a powerful love potion on your heart! They currently perform a swarm.

ROT Improv  - Indie - Columbus, OH (Long Form Improv)

ROT is a high energy long form comedy troupe that performs The Grundle in the self-described style of "dark whimsy".

Where The Trees Are - Indie - Philadelphia (Sketch)

‘Where the Trees are’ can trace its roots all the way back to 2014 A.D. when unknown forces drew together a rag tag team of misfits to the same level 201 improv class in Center City Philadelphia. Since its inception, the Trees have become the city's longest running indie improv team, and now they've ventured into sketch! See them stretch into new territories in Baltimore for the first time, as they return to the CCCF stage with a brand-new look.

11:30 PM Fri May 3rd

Acts: Sweet Sweet Angel Babies, Mercy Santos, Bad Medicine

Sweet Sweet Angel Babies - Coalition Theater - Richmond, VA (Long Form Improv)

Sweet Sweet Angel Babies have flown right down from angel heaven, and boy are their sweet little baby arms tired. Josh Wright and Lauren Serpa are two Bffs who love doing everything together, especially sharing the comedy stage. They have been performing together as a long form improv duo for about half a year and they even have a top secret hand(wing)shake. They sweetly storm the stage with a sprinkling of physically active characters that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Mercy Santos - Indie - New York City, NY (Long Form Improv)

Mercy Santos (God's Favorite Improv Team) takes a suggestion from you (our new God) and worships you with an entirely-improvised show.

Bad Medicine - Unified Scene Theater - Washington, DC (Sketch)

Bad Medicine is a team of friends from a political town doing distinctly non-political comedy. With a bent toward the dark and the absurd, we like to keep our audiences guessing with varied styles and formats, with the goal of pointing out the ugliness and the silliness of real life.

4:00 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Loro, September's Very Own, Mamamouchi

Loro - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

This duo takes flight with fast and fun improv.

September's Very Own - Improv Boston - Boston, MA (Long Form Improv)

Drake might have created 'October's Very Own' but these Virgo women created September's Very Own! Watch 2 women you want to be friends with craft detailed scene work that ultimately parodies stories from their own life experiences. SVO's podcast opening gives you a look into the wacky personal lives to these ladies that easily sets the stage for some funny duo improv.

Mamamouchi  - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

Mamamouchi explores of character of self, centering on life, love, and relationships, exposing the ostentatious, self-important, and ridiculous pretenders that we all are.


5:30 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Bear Trap, Fever Dream, Deer Friends

Bear Trap - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

This short form troupe always keeps the audience on their toes with clever concepts and wonderful surprises. They strike a delicate balance between endearing goofiness and scholarly respectability. Bear Trap specializes in upgraded and embellished versions of classic improv games.

Fever Dream - Magnet Theater - New York City, NY (Long Form Improv)

From NYC to Baltimore and back, Fever Dream has been entertaining and confounding audiences for 6 years. As your heart rate rises and the landscape changes, don't be alarmed - you are simply experiencing a Fever Dream.

Deer Friends - Dojo Comedy - Washington, DC (Sketch)

Deer Friends is a sketch comedy team based in DC that has never done a political sketch. They do comedy you can bring your mom to, if you have a cool mom. Deer Friends hopes you show up just to laugh at them.

7:00 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Silversmith, Siberia, Amelita

Silversmith - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Silversmith combines an old world charm with the sharp flavor of intellectualism and the harsh sting of truth. Expect a performance that maintains tradition while veering swiftly (and often) into modern territory. They currently perform a Harold.

Siberia - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Welcome to Siberia, where the land - and the people - are f*@king brutal. This project features some of CCCP's most seasoned performers, and specializes in a Swarm informed by personal monologues and the input of 'something you think is BAD ASS.'

Amelita - Indie - New York City, NY (Musical Improv)

Amelita is a future music icon blazing through the intersection of diva pop music and comedy (that some would argue does not actually exist). She's brought her continuous world tour all over New York City and the continent, including to the 2016 New York Funny Songs Fest, the 2016 Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, the 2017 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill, the 2017 and 2018 420Comedy Fests in Toronto, the 2018 Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore, the 2018 Philly SketchFest and the 2018 Big Pine Comedy Festival in Flagstaff. Like the trailblazing pop stars that have come before her, Amelita will continue touring until someone offers her a Las Vegas residency or a Christmas Special on CBS, whichever comes first.

8:30 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Moonbot, The Code Switch, Wisdom Teeth

Moonbot - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Moonbot takes a dabble of specificity and a dollop of darkness and rubs them all in the crevices of dirtiness before pulling them out and spit-shining them to a high gloss. Don't presume to think you know what's going to happen! The troupe currently performs a Harold.

The Code Switch - Indie - New York City, NY (Long Form Improv)

Code Switching is the process of shifting from one linguistic code (a language or dialect) to another. We use code switching to shape and maintain our sense of identity. This is especially true with minority groups. Come share with us how you code switch and we will make a complete show exploring all possibilities that can emerge from your shifting worlds. This is The Code Switch. This show was created from an All-Person-of-Color Improv Class Directed by Lou Gonzalez so you know it's gonna be Lit as Hell!


Wisdom Teeth - ComedySportz Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

No form. Just improv. Wisdom Teeth's performers hold over 100 years of experience combined, and selfishly formed this group so they could play with each other. Our goal is to make each other look good and to bring joy and laughter to ourselves - and hopefully the audience as well!

10:00 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Banana Phone, Heavy Metal Heat Wave, Xplōd

Banana Phone - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Banana Phone peppers a soupçon of physicality, a pinch of surrealism, and two fingers of childlike joy into their fast-paced and thoughtful sets. They currently perform a Harold that merrily celebrates the intersection of eccentric characters and fanciful plotlines.

Heavy Metal Heat Wave - Syracuse Improv Collective - Syracuse, NY (Long Form Improv)

If you are the Earth, you heat up. If you are metal, you are heavy. If you come to a Heavy Metal Heat Wave show, you are changed. Fight global warming with your cooling applause.

Xplōd - Indie - New York City, NY (Musical Improv)

New York indie musical improv darlings Xplōd are thrilled to headline this year's Charm City Comedy Festival! Whether belting out a catchy hook or sliding in with some sweet harmonies, Xplōd always brings their fun and silly sensibility to every show they have, and all you, the audience, have to do is offer a suggestion and then come along for the ride!

11:30 PM Sat May 4th

Acts: Cerise, Please And Thank You, RoboPop!

Cerise - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

Gather round! We are here to get personal! We divulge the answers to your pressing questions, then play in some fun and always weird scenes. Cerise is juicy, sweet, and just tart enough to make your mother blush!

Please And Thank You - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

Please and Thank You is known to be one of the politest improvising teams in Washington, DC. They will entertain with their wild characters and frantic energy, and somehow make you think it all meant something by the end.

RoboPop! - Indie - New York City, NY (Hip Hop Improv)

What happens when the emotions run so high that you've just gotta rap? In this high-energy form, RoboPop! freestyles their way through scenes inspired by audience suggestion, accompanied by beatboxers, DJs and other talented musicians. RoboPop! hails from NYC and has been rhyming and improvising together since 2014.

4:00 PM Sun May 5th

Acts: Door #3, Swoonface, 301 Views

Door #3 - Indie - Washington, DC (Musical Improv)

Door #3 is a cooperative in Washington, DC dedicated to performing meaningful, memorable, improvised musical theater. They are known and recognized for their elegant harmonies, earthy rap, emotionally real stories, and a bit of blood thirstiness. They create unforgettable, emotional stage musicals from a single audience suggestion.

Swoonface - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

What makes you swoon? Swoonface starts out emotional, and then dives in deeper, resulting in zany hilarity and non-stop fun! You'll love it.

301 Views - Indie - New York City, NY (Sketch)

301 Views is a NYC-based sketch comedy team. They have performing regularly at the People's Improv Theater since 2014. They have appeared at multiple comedy festivals across the country, including The Orlando Fringe Festival, The Palm Springs International Comedy Festival, The Dallas Comedy Festival, NYC Sketchfest, The OC Comedy festival, and the LIT Comedy Festival in Washington, DC! We are excited to return to the Charm City Festival after appearing in the 2018 CCCF!

5:30 PM Sun May 5th

Acts: Time Bandits, The High-Fivers, The Straw Man Collective

Time Bandits - Indie - Philadelphia, PA (Long Form Improv)

Time Bandits is made up of improvisors over the age of 40 -- some of us significantly over 40. We formed in 2015 because we got tired of always being turned into a parent or authority figure by younger scene partners. Regularly adding new members to a core founding group, we keep our improv fresh, even if our cultural references tend more toward Tina Turner than Beyonce.

The High-Fivers - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

The High-Fivers is a high-energy group who loves weird characters, wacky scenarios, and perfectly executed high fives. Yes, we will high five you.

The Straw Man Collective - The People's Improv Theater - New York City, NY (Sketch)

NYC’s Straw Man Collective brings you a show with everything: Live sketches, musical numbers, digital sketches, and most importantly laughs! If you’ve ever wondered why people buy CBD gummies, wanted to see a sloth deliver a seething diss track, or wanted to witness the spirit of Bob Ross possessing an innocent mortal, then invite your friends for a hilarious hay ride with the Straw Man Collective. Featured at the UCB Theater, NYC Sketchfest, and The People’s Improv Theater.

7:00 PM Sun May 5th

Acts: Submissive Fruit, Charmsical, Rancy Neagan

Submissive Fruit - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Long Form Improv)

Submissive Fruit creates a dramatic soap opera based on a suggestion of a pet peeve from the audience.

Charmsical - Indie - Baltimore, MD (Musical Improv)

Charmsical is a fun, fast paced musical improv group that combines songs with very light choreography based on a suggestion from the audience.

Rancy Neagan - Indie - Washington, DC (Long Form Improv)

Rancy Neagan follows the fun AND the crippling anxieties of the human experience. Rancy Neagan takes on a Deconstruction the way she takes on the patriarchy: she punches up, she believes vulnerability is a strength, and she doesn’t apologize for being exactly who she is. Rancy Neagan is unafraid to take on unique relationships, make bold character choices, and leave it all on stage.