7:00 PM Wed May 8th

Acts: Cynthia X. Wang, Sandy Bernstein, Maya Siegel, Ben Broedel,

Jacob Rosalez, Lucy Olliff, Stu Melton

Cynthia X. Wang - Baltimore, MD - Host

Cynthia X. Wang is a Baltimore comedian originally from North Carolina who performs all over the Maryland and DC area. Her comedy has been described as raunchy, outrageous and observational with just the slightest hint of self-deprecation. She tackles subjects such as dating women as a woman, ethnic food standards, and trying to drive when you’ve had the world’s worst driving teacher in new and hilarious ways. Cynthia recently performed in the DMV Comedy Wars representing Team Maryland, the Clitorati’s “Lip Service” show and on the Prim and Proper showcase. Hear her voice on “This Stage” podcast coming Summer 2019.

Sandy Bernstein - Spencerville, MD

Sandy Bernstein is a Baltimore/Washington-based stand-up comedian who brings a quirky perspective to a wide array of topics that include aging, body image, self-esteem, weight loss, menopause, divorce, and familial dysfunction. She's best described as that cool aunt you wish you had. Sandy has appeared at clubs and festivals around the country, including the DC Improv, The Comic Strip Live (NY), Artscape, and the Baltimore Comedy Festival. She has opened for Dustin Diamond (Screech in Saved by the Bell), Willie Tyler (Willie and Lester), Lucas Bohn, the Fat Doctor, and Kool Bubba Ice. Her TV credits include Amazon Video's Comics Watching Comics and PhillyCAM's The Laugh House Presents: The Introduction. She was also one of the first 20 comedians to be featured on the Standup Comedy App, an iOS app approved by Apple for distribution on the App Store.

Maya Siegel - Baltimore, MD

Maya is a local comedian who draws from her life as a student and combines stories about her life with quick one liners.

Ben Broedel - Baltimore, MD

Ben Broedel explores the oddities of modern life through his fast one liners, character driven bits, and bizarre real life stories. His fun loving and high energy act will make you giggle and relax. "Life is a wild ride, just dig it and laugh!"

Jacob Rosalez - Silver Spring, MD

Bringing his unique mid-western Chicano roots and Marine Corps experience to the stage, Jacob Rosalez can easily be described as chingadiculous (f*cking ridiculous). Be prepared for thought provoking randomness as he gives you a sample of his Mexellence.

Lucy Olliff - Washington, DC

Lucy Olliff is a DC based comedienne. A recovering Southern Belle, her humor is a cultivation of her Deep South upbringing with her current experiences as the world's most awkward twenty-three year old. Lucy has trained in short and long form Improvisation. She uses her abilities to create an engaging stage presence for her audiences. Past credits include DC Improv, DC Improv, DC Underground Comedy, Capital Laughs, and Strand Theater in Marietta, GA.

Stu Melton - New York City, NY

Stu Melton is a NYC comedian originally from Downers Grove, IL. Stu's observational and absurdist comedy turns serious topics silly. He's performed at comedy festivals across the country and he likes to tell jokes.

8:30 PM Wed May 8th

Acts: Alexa Sciuto, Eileen Haley, Akshat Gupta, Greg Billet,

Dennis Maler, Sammie James, Mary Clohan

Alexa Sciuto - Baltimore, MD - Host

Female standup comic from White Marsh, currently living in Baltimore. Never outgrew the emo stage, gay-looking, and angsty about basically everything.

Eileen Haley - Washington, DC

Eileen Haley loves combining her otherwise wasted English degree, her acerbic wit, and her narcissism together in one wild standup performance. This is way cooler than a Prius. Eileen is originally from Staten Island, NY and is not afraid to call upon fellow Island natives, the Wu-Tang Clan to press her points home. She has appeared on stage in improv and sketch, film, PSAs, print advertising and TV. She enjoys being part of the Metro DC stand-up scene, where she gets to say whatever she pleases and does not have to get any stupid notes to tamp it down!


Akshat Gupta - Baltimore, MD

New to the Baltimore comedy scene, Akshat Gupta is local comic maturing in the different clubs around the city. Originally from India, he came to Baltimore as a student, but comedy took him. See the world from his point of view, which is quirky and hilariously true.

Greg Billet - Spring Grove, PA

Greg is a stand up comic from south central Pennsylvania who performs regularly at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone, Tyson's Comedy Cellar, The Church Of Satire and anywhere else around the area that will have him. He even performed in a garage once. Basically anywhere that there's beer. Come have some beers and laugh at how silly life is with Greg!

Dennis Maler - The Comedy Studio - Boston, MA

Deadair Dennis Maler is a Baltimore born, Boston-based comedian, actor, writer, & podcaster that has been heard on radio stations throughout the country including SiriusXM, DC101, The Party Playhousewith Jackson Blue and more. He has performed in Austin, TX during SXSW, on the Charm City Comedy Festival, founded BostonComedyShows.com, writer for DigBoston, and hosts the iTunes podcast So What Do You Really Do? He’s funny, loud, abrasively social, and allergy free since 1981.

Sammie James - Edison, NJ

Sammie James is a comedian and story teller from New Jersey. She is host and producer of the LGBT showcase Queerly Comedic and The Uncomfortable comedy show. Sammie performs all over the tri state area, and has appeared at Cinder Block Comedy festival and 6th Borough Comedy festival. She is soon to be your favorite disabled, nerdy, butch trans woman in comedy.

Mary Clohan - New York City, NY

Mary Clohan is a comic and performer based in NYC. She has been seen at the Broadway Comedy Club, the People's Improv Theater, and is a regular improv performer at The Armory. Her comedy videos have been seen on Laugh Exchange.

10:00 PM Wed May 8th

Acts: Hedi Sandberg, Arta Seyedian, Kaz Sortino, Joan Glackin,

Paige Polesnak, Gabby Loveland

Hedi Sandberg - Silver Spring, MD - Host

Hedi is a D.C. based comedian; performing stand up at various open mics, showcases and competitions. She was part of the Lady Laughs Comedy festival in Madison, Wisconsin, has hosted at the Charm City Comedy Festival and LIT Comedy Festival. Hedi is one of the hosts at The Pinch open mic and is a House Comic for the Laugh Index Theatre. She was also the winner of Magooby's Joke House Open Mic Competition. Performing stand up gives Hedi purpose and energy; she finds the main source of her nonsexual pleasure comes from making other people laugh. She hopes to share this joy with the world through her unique style of deadpan humor, sarcasm and quick wit. When Hedi is not out and about telling jokes, she can be found in bed eating pints of vegan ice cream while watching videos of cakes being decorated.

Arta Seyedian - Baltimore, MD

Arta Seyedian is a comic whose life mission it is to totally destroy stand-up comedy and make sure no one has the opportunity to laugh ever again. He likes talking about the intrusive thoughts that terrorize him on a constant basis and also dispenses audience-requested advice.

Kaz Sortino - Shippensburg, PA

Kaz Sortino is a comedian with Cerebral Palsy who has performed up and down the east coast at comedy clubs, colleges and local spots. Kaz’s slightly self-deprecating humor allows audiences to make light of the challenges of life. Kaz touches on topics from disability, to relationships, to politics and makes them all relatable and truly funny. Kaz gives audiences permission to laugh at the taboo, his punchlines are surprising and consistently leave people wanting more. He was also bad at sports growing up, so you can find his parents at an irrational number of his shows.

Joan Glackin - Brooklyn, NY

Joan Glackin is a Stand Up Comedian based in Brooklyn. In her comedy she explores sexual double standards, cultural differences, families with addictions, having the oldest old lady name in the damn world, and dating apps, which are only good. No problems there.

Paige Polesnak - Pittsburgh, PA

Paige Polesnak is a comedian from Pittsburgh with humor as clever as it is dirty, she travels the nation performing and searching for new scrotum to mount on her wall. You may have seen her perform in the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival in Pittsburgh or the World Series of Comedy in Florence Indiana.

Gabby Loveland - Bordentown, NJ

Gabby Loveland is an energetic and quirky standup comic and improviser hailing from New Jersey.....yeah, we know, the state that would be a fly-over state if NYC and Philly were further apart. She is primarily known for her zany poop jokes and self-deprecating dating material.

7:00 PM Thurs May 9th

Acts: Jeff Cusick, Sara Shea, Manny Santiago, Emily Duke,

Audrie Marsh, Sai D, Jared Keith

Jeff Cusick - Frederick, MD - Host

Jeff Cusick is a Baltimore native that blends stand up comedy with interactive songs to create a unique blend of entertainment that puts the y? in "Charm City". An immersive show that examines and lampoons family values, cultural norms, and traffic etiquette with that classic Baltimore flavor makes this act a must see!

Sara Shea - Hartford, CT

Sara Shea is a stand-up comedian who's soft-spoken approach, unique observations and family-friendly style promise a fun and original comedy show - perfect for any audience.  Sara has starred in her own Bananas! Clean Comedy special, been featured in Best of Bananas Comedy: Bunch Volume 3, and can be heard on I ♥ Radio, and Tunein Comedy Radio.  She's performed at clubs, colleges, and festivals across the country, including the 2018 Rogue Island Comedy Festival, and most recently was chosen by Thrillist to represent Connecticut in their Top 50 Undiscovered Comedians project.

Manny Santiago - Harrisburg, PA

Manny has performed all over the east coast. A staple of the weekly Harrisburg Comedy Zone open mic, he can also be seen hosting there on the weekends. Jokes range from life experiences to observations with a fun twist. When not performing stand up he can be seen showing off his juggling skills or talking about pro wrestling on his weekly podcast “Falls Count Anywhere With Youngblood and Manny.”

Emily Duke - New York, NY

Emily Duke is a born and raised, holier-than-thou New Yorker. Strangers call her hilarious. Friends call her endearing and tiresome. Dearest friends call her insufferable. You can find her at Comedy Cellar, Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, NY Comedy Club and UCB. She co-created and costars in the 2016 WebFest selection Garbage People. Emily loves carbohydrates and feels cosmically connected to Bette Midler.

Audrie Marsh - Philadelphia, PA

Audrie is a Philadelphia queer comic with an awkward charm. A mix of topical, observational, and straight up goofy comedy can win over (almost) any audience. She’s a frequent performer at Punch Line, Laughing Skull and Comedy Zone, And has featured and headlined in clubs from New York to Atlanta. Selected for Closing Night of Bechdel Test Fest 2019.

Sai D - Wheaton, MD

Sai D is a mediocre human (co-median) from Chennai, India. While in graduate school at Ann Arbor, he started doing stand up to effectively procrastinate writing his thesis. Unfortunately, he became a regular performer at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. He recently moved to Silver Spring, MD, where he has performed on showcases alongside Robert Mac, Paris Sashay and many other local favorites. As an immigrant his act is comprised of puns, paraprodoskians, non sequitirs and other words he can neither spell nor pronounce. He recently won the DC Improv PUN DMV (Freestlye) in January 2019. He will be at Gilda’s LaughFest, Grand Rapids, MI in March 2019 and at Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival, Oscoda, MI in April 2019.

Jared Keith - Philadelphia, PA

Jared Keith is is a Philadelphia based comedian, psychiatrist and father of two. He’s a regular on the Philly comedy scene. His credits include Punchline Philly and the Good Good Hour. He is a Philly’s Phunniest semifinalist and helps run the popular show, Side Stage Comedy.

8:30 PM Thurs May 9th

Acts: Maddie Cooper, Kevin McLain, Brianna Murphy, Michael Kedenburg,

Erin Dohony, Jared Stern, KJ Whitehead

Maddie Cooper - Wilmington, DE - Host

Farm girl, artist, and depressed ex-Christian, Maddie’s love language is starting rumors. She’s a great show if you want to leave questioning your relationship with your mother!

Kevin McLain - Washington, DC

Growing up as a gay Asian narcissist in conservative southern Virginia, Kevin McLain learned early on he was different than most people in his hometown. Knowing he could never blend in, Kevin leaned into a comedic personality, winning him the "wittiest" superlative in high school (a distinction that he continues to embarrassingly ride on). After years of encouragement, Kevin McLain finally tried his hand at stand-up in 2017. Inspired by topical late night hosts and scathing insult comics, Kevin occupies a unique space in the DC comedy scene. A former-Republican-turned-practically-Communist potty-mouth, he has won crowds over with his hilarious allusions and references to gender, race, sexuality, class, and politics. He has described his style of comedy as "Imagine Trevor Noah... but as a big gay slut."

Brianna Murphy - Chicago, IL

Brianna Murphy is a stand-up comedian based in Chicago, IL who has opened for Hampton Yount and Amy Miller and featured for Stewart Huff. She has done the Cream City Comedy Festival and the Comedy Comedy Festival. Brianna has performed internationally in London and once made a knighted comedian laugh. Yes, grandma, she does use bad words.

Michael Kedenburg - Baltimore, MD

Hailing from upstate New York by way of clubs and dive bars all up and down the east coast, Michael Kedenburg brings a combination of topical, observational, and story telling comedy to the stage. New to the Baltimore scene but ready to knock your socks off!

Erin Dohony - Philadelphia, PA

Erin Dohony is a Philadelphia comic and the biggest fan of Geese Peace Goose Solutions, a dog-based goose removal service. She's here to bring you the scoop on growing up Irish Catholic, IUDs, rivers that catch fire, and navigating day-job office culture.

Jared Stern - Washington, DC

Jared has been making complete strangers laugh at him for over a decade. From humble beginnings at a hole-in-the-wall club in Baltimore, he is now the most humble person in the world, not that he’s one to brag about it. He was recently told that his comedy was “top drawer”, which is where he keeps his socks and underwear, so that makes sense. During his career he has performed with the likes of Mike Birbiglia, Judah Friedlander, Richard Lewis, Tom Arnold, John Witherspoon, Jon Lovitz, Emo Philips, and Caroline Rhea. He was voted the 2013 Best Comedian in D.C. by the readers of the Washington City Paper. He was a featured performer at the 2017 What A Joke Fest and the 2018 LaughFest. His new album, A Couple Of Characters, is now available on XM, iTunes, and Spotify.

KJ Whitehead - Chicago, IL

KJ Whitehead (She/They Pronouns) is an openly fabulous transgender comedian from Chicago, IL. As featured in the Chicago Reader, Windy City Times and mentioned in the Chicago Tribune, She’s an instructor at The Second City, production scout of The Playground Theater and self-proclaimed: Queen of Radical Comedy. They’ve performed at Chicago Fringe Festival (2017), Yippiefest (Chicago, IL 2017), Lady Laughs Comedy Festival (Madison, WI 2017 & 2018) and Charm City Comedy Festival (Baltimore, MD 2018). KJ promises you that the patriarchy won’t just be smashed, it will be decimated with glitter and unapologetic melanin magic! Because, representation matters on so do black lives! @iamkjwhitehead

10:00 PM Thurs May 9th

Acts: Abby Mello, Ben Marcotte, Davion Williams, Marrianne Beltle,

Bronwyn Isaac, Chris Esperance

Abby Mello - Baltimore, MD - Host

Abby is a Baltimore stand-up comic who has performed all over the mid-Atlantic region, and beyond. She has hosted and performed at Magooby’s Joke House, The Funny Bone, and many, many, bars. Her relatable content is largely autobiographical - aimed at finding the funny in everyday life. Her comedic style draws from her experience as an educator and social science researcher.


Ben Marcotte - Minneapolis, MN

Ben Marcotte is originally from rural Minnesota but moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to further pursue standup comedy. Since then, he’s performed all across the Upper Midwest to rave reviews. He’s the type of guy that you have probably seen many times before, but never had the inclination to talk to. Marcotte blends stories of past life experiences with whimsical observations that leave audiences wanting more.

Davion Williams - Baltimore, MD

Davion is a Baltimore based stand up comedian. He likes to engage his audience with his unique and awkward fast paced style of comedy. You'll enjoy his charm as he discusses numerous topics from an interesting and absurd position.

Marrianne Beltle - Philadelphia, PA

Marrianne Beltle is your friendly Philly queer comic of color. She has been doing comedy consistently for about a year and has been described as "adorably dark" and "put[ting] the 'sick' in 'sickening". When not telling jokes about her mood disorders and bone cancer, you can catch her running the Dirty Broads showcase and open mic, as well as various shows with Snappy Pun. You can find her on all social media platforms @MRRNNBLTL. "

Bronwynn Isaac - Ridgewood, NY

Bronwyn Isaac is a standup comedian who explores themes of pop culture, sexuality, religion, and growing up in a homeschooled family. She loves tying the news cycle to bigger psychological trends, and the ways history repeats itself through small, daily interactions.

Chris Esperance - Philadelphia, PA

Chris Esperance is a comedian, writer, and improviser based in Philadelphia and New York. He is a co-host on Our Celebrity Guest at Good Good Comedy Theatre, which showcases Philadelphia's best local talent! Chris is a part of several independent projects in the Philly scene and appears on various stages doing stand-up. He was a writer/performer on Remix: The Diversity Sketch Show at Magnet Theatre, featured on Herman's Coffee Comedy Night in Philly, and headlined for the Rhyme No Reason Vol. 3 comedy show at BierWax in Brooklyn, NY.‘ His style is surprising - it's been said "there's a calm familiarity to the impression he gives." Surprise yourself and check out his set!

7:00 PM Fri May 10th

Acts: Eva Mozena Brandon, Gigi Modrich, Hannah Vaughan,

Alan Massenburg, Marianne Sierk

Eva Mozena Brandon - Washington, DC - Host

With a mission to unite and conquer, Eva Mozena Brandon set out to change the world one dick joke at a time in 2013, and never looked back because then it’s hard to make eye contact with the front row. Eva’s comedy voices high-powered feminism, dry irreverence and edgy perspective on love, truth, and smashing the patriarchy. A DC-based comedian, Eva co-produces the Thursday Night Therapy weekly showcase at the Airedale in Columbia Heights and Femme Friday monthly at Habana Village in Adams Morgan.

Gigi Modrich - Alexandria, VA

Based in Washington, DC, Gigi Modrich is an Indian law practitioner by day and roller derby queen and comedienne by night. Real life Indian day and night. When this Jicarilla Apache is not hitting women on the roller derby track as Nasty Pelosi, she’s hitting mics to make a name for herself on the comedy scene. She’s sarcastically optimistic and hilariously observant.

Hannah Vaughan - Dallas Comedy House - Dallas, TX

Hannah Vaughan is a stand up based in Dallas, TX. Hannah's stand up covers everything from lawn mower incidents to the challenges of dating. She co-hosts the Dallas based podcast Baby Bangs, which discusses the awkward lives of adult women trying to pull themselves together.

Alan Massenburg - Lancaster, PA

Alan Massenburg is a stand up comedian originally from Philadelphia, Pa. He has performed up and down the east, mostly notably on Sirius XM's Sway in the Morning Show. Last year, Alan won the New Comedian of the Year competition in Baltimore. He has also gained quite a following on social media and can be found on all platforms at @AlanMassenburg.

Marianne Sierk - Baltimore, MD - Headliner

Marianne has been featured on Comedy Central, Tru TV's "World's Dumbest", the BBC's "The World Stands Up", TV Guide Networks "Stand up in Stilettos" and can be heard weekday afternoons on 98 Rock where she co-hosts "Kirk and Marianne" from 3-8.

8:30 PM Fri May 10th

Acts: Ivana Greene, Camille Roberts, Maurice Licorish,

Michael Furr, Chris Hudson

Ivana Greene - Baltimore, MD - Host

Ivana Greene is now 26 and looking for a husband. Or wife. Really anyone with good health insurance will do. Ivana is a Baltimore based comic who performs regularly at the Charm City Comedy Project and other venues in and around Baltimore. She is the Baltimore Director for American Immersion Theater, and co-produces an all female comedy show - The Clitorati Presents...Lip Service every first Thursday at Zissimos.

Camille Roberts - Washington, DC

It is guaranteed that Camille's sassy-deadpanning style will leave you laughing in amusement or out of discomfort. Either way, you won't be home instagramming your cat all night. Your family is concerned.

Maurice Licorish - Brooklyn, NY

Maurice Licorish is a stand up comedian and writer from Baltimore, MD who now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Developing his style in Washington DC, Maurice specializes in high energy, absurdist storytelling, producing a monthly comedy show in Brooklyn called Park Dope. His lyrical sensibility has lead him to regularly perform at Q.E.D., Grisley Pear, Creek and the Cave, and has performed in the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Charm City Comedy Festival. Maurice is a kinetic ball of energy and brings his worldview to shows all around New York.

Michael Furr - Baltimore, MD

Michael Furr, the self-proclaimed "sweetheart of Baltimore comedy" is the premiere LGBT comedian on the scene today. An "off-the-cuff" comic with a quick wit and a penchant for dropping nuggets of truth all over the stage, he has wormed his way into the hearts of fellow comics and lovers of the medium with his joke writing, improvistaional stylings, and stage presence. I keep saying "he" like I'm not the one writing this, but I am. You're not even reading this, are you? Maybe my mom will read this and even then, only maybe. How about this? If you read this, contact me and I'll send you a dollar. I bet I'll never have to send even one dollar. That's how confident I am that no one will read this. Regardless, book me and I'll make you laugh a lot. Thank you.

Chris Hudson - The Crown - Baltimore, MD - Headliner

Chris Hudson is a Baltimore-based comedian who has also performed in D.C., Los Angeles, Philly, Virginia, Delaware & beyond (accompanied by his facial hair configuration). He has been on HBO’s VEEP (fake cell phone conversation in the background of the campaign office guy) & his jokes have been featured on Buzzfeed, Playboy, Funny Or Die, Paste Magazine, Mandatory & someecards.com. His comedy has sometimes been called “nothin’ but goofs” Also said: “the chillest vibes.” He also runs a monthly stand-up showcase at The Crown called Everything Will Be Okay, which for over 5 years has featured comics from all over the east coast & beyond.

10:00 PM Fri May 10th

Acts: Violet Gray, Nate Marshall, Tyler Dark,

Marlénas McMahon-Purk, Bryan Preston


Violet Gray - Baltimore, MD - Host

Violet Gray, Baltimore's very own Queen LARPtress, has been a mainstay on the Baltimore comedy scene for years. She has won the Baltimore's Next Superstar Comedian contest at Baltimore Comedy Factory, and at the Comedy Kumite competition at the DC Improv, Violet achieved the rare double-header victory, besting all comers at the early and late shows in January 2019. Her comedy is nerdy and political. She is proud to be North Baltimore’s ONLY Dungeons & Dragons player.

Nate Marshall - New York City, NY

Nate is a NYC based comedian. His honest and insightful outlook on relationships, race, and self acceptance captivate audiences up and down the east coast. His talents have lead him to open for nationally touring headliners, and he has appeared on multiple comedy festivals.

Tyler Dark - Ocean City, MD

Tyler Dark has been performing up and down the East Coast in venues like Gotham, Helium, and Magooby’s Joke House for over five years. He has opened for national touring acts like Christian Finnegan and Theo Von. His charmingly regretful disposition and ability to connect directly with an audience is what makes his high volume and bluntness not just palatable, but delicious.

Marlénas McMahon-Purk - Philadelphia, PA

Marlénas McMahon-Purk is a native New Yorker whose focus is absurdist nonfiction. Marlénas has performed standup comedy, sketch, improv, and variety in: Pittsburgh Comedy Festival; Baltimore Comedy Festival; Park Slope Comedy Festival; Charm City Comedy Festival; Chicago Nerd Comedy Fest; Cream City Comedy Festival; Finger Lakes Comedy Festival; Bechdel Test Fest; Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival; Oak City Comedy Festival; LIT Comedy Festival; Cleveland Comedy Festival; and at various venues on the East Coast, including Punch Line, The PIT, and Dangerfield's. Marlénas produces "Most Likely To: The Yearbook Photo Roast," which has been featured nationally. Marlénas is also a contributing writer for McSweeney's; Funny or Die; Pitch; and Gomerblog, the medical satire site.

Bryan Preston - Baltimore, MD - Headliner

Bryan Preston, also known as the greatest man who ever lived, is a well-respected author, educator, comedian, lover, and rhetorician. Since his humble beginnings in Baltimore comedy, Bryan Preston has always been a shining beacon of wit, intrigue, and moral decay. He has had his hand in authoring feature films such as the critically acclaimed screwball comedy Driven to Succeed, while also creating and starring in three seasons of the much-lauded internet darling situational, high concept, super villain comedy Meanwhile at the Skull Base. When he isn’t being a whirling dervish of literary ferocity, he is dazzling audiences with his nuanced, laconic, pop-culture-laden standup comedy, opening for such notables as Hal Sparks, Ari Shaffir, and the original Cheerios Bee.

11:30 PM Fri May 10th

Acts: Sam Rubin, Gabe Mollica, Malakiah Ayres, Ben Marcotte,

Mike Brown, Becky Titus, Andy Fileta

Sam Rubin - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD

Sam Rubin is a house comic and improviser for the Charm City Comedy Project. Growing up in the suburbs just outside of Baltimore, Sam has always felt a connection to the city's community and art, and his passion for entertainment has lead him to many creative pursuits. After graduating college, Sam felt compelled to try stand up, and was instantly hooked. Sam has performed all around the DMV and beyond, and regularly hosts and performs at Zissimos in Hampden. He produces a monthly stand up showcase in Federal Hill called “You’ll Like This” that has quickly become a staple in the Baltimore stand up scene. His material ranges from observations about potatoes to observations about cars to observations about social media…So pretty much a lot of observations.

Gabe Mollica - New York City, NY

Gabe Mollica is a comedian living in Astoria, Queens. His stand up solo show "Gabe Mollica: The Whole Thing" is currently running at The Magnet Theater in Manhattan. The show will be a part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He performs nightly in New York City at venues including QED, Broadway Comedy Club, and the Creek and the Cave. Recently, he wrote for the New York Video Game Awards, and has opened for Kurt Metzger, Annie Lederman, and Kevin Downey Jr. He doesn't have a podcast.

Malakiah Ayres - Philadelphia, PA

Malakiah Ayres is a standup comedian from Philadelphia. He has performed comedy at various venues in DC, NYC, Baltimore, Miami, and Philadelphia the past 4 years; and was featured in the Baltimore Comedy Festival. In his standup, Malakiah gives his personal take on being a half-Caribbean, black nerd in America. He's in the military, but don't you dare thank him for his service.

Ben Marcotte - Minneapolis, MN

Ben Marcotte is originally from rural Minnesota but moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to further pursue standup comedy. Since then, he’s performed all across the Upper Midwest to rave reviews. He’s the type of guy that you have probably seen many times before, but never had the inclination to talk to. Marcotte blends stories of past life experiences with whimsical observations that leave audiences wanting more.

Mike Brown - Woodbridge, VA

Mike Brown, also known as Ol'Mike.B, is proud to say publicly that he is a native of Norfolk, VA, the place where his love and passion for stand-up comedy was cultivated. After serving nine years as a soldier and receiving various awards for his service and valor for the United States Army, Ol'Mike.B decided it was time to launch his comedy career. Mike started his development in comedy by hosting various venues throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Mike‚ brings a hilarious, high energy and mostly clean style to the Dew Drop Inn. His unique, fluffy, and energetic style of humor has afforded him the opportunity to open for such acts as James Adomian, Dino Archie, Ramy Yousseff and Lil Rel. Mike.B future looks bright as he continues to bring the world laughter one joke at a time.

Becky Titus - Great Mills, MD

Becky Titus is a high-intensity mom trapped in a low-intensity world after finally breaking free from her Mormon life, a cult-like wilderness of disaster. Becky contemplates her transition from lowly-woman servant of man to Mother of Society, and throws the mischief and adventures to open ears while hoping to God-who-may-or-may-not-exist that her former keepers don't find her spreading her good word.

Andy Fileta - The Brooklyn House of Comedy - Brooklyn, NY

Your Favorite half egyptian, fluent spanish speaker, raised in Pasadena Maryland comedian.

7:00 PM Sat May 11th

Acts: Lauren Weiss, Brooke Eliot, Charity Sade,

Alida Harper, Anna Phillips

Lauren Weiss - Charm City Comedy Project - Baltimore, MD - Host

Lauren Weiss first started doing standup comedy at Amherst College in 2015. People seemed to like it, so she kept on going! Lauren now performs at various locations in Baltimore.

Brooke Eliot - New York City, NY

Brooke has been performing stand up in basements all across the city. Most fondly, Union Hall and Vital Joint. She performed in the She Makes Me Laugh Comedy Festival which took place at The People’s Improv Theater this year. Her voice can also be heard as Regina in the new Narrative Podcast Gay Future. When she is not doing comedy in the dank underbellies of NY, she enjoys peeling her eyes open and staring at the ceiling for hours on end.

Charity Sade - Washington, DC

Charity Sad​e​ is from Indiana, but has resided in Washington, D.C. for the last 8 years. She has performed across the country, and won a new comic competition at Greenwich Village Comedy Club. ​Within her first year of comedy, Charity made her festival debut at the 2018 DC Comedy Festival as well as the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival. She has always used humor to get through difficult moments in her life, including her breast cancer diagnosis at age 27. ​On stage, she takes her difficult life experiences and turns them into relatable, humorous tales. Her comedic superpower is her ability to make you simultaneously laugh and cringe. Charity is the creator and founder of Comedic Relief: Coping Through Comedy. You can catch Charity hosting, producing, and performing on shows across the DMV.

Alida Harper - Richmond, VA

She may look like a cracked out Miss Frizzle, but the things that come out of Alida Harper's mouth should NEVER be uttered on any school bus, magical or otherwise.

Anna Phillips - Baltimore, MD - Headliner

Anna is the self proclaimed Susan Boyle of comedy. Audiences describe Anna Phillips as endearing, genuine and hilarious. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Anna Phillips began doing stand up comedy in Syracuse, NY and has performed all over the Northeast, Midwest and Canada. She produced several successful events over the years, as well as co-producing monthly shows at Syracuse and Hartford Funny Bone comedy clubs. Anna appeared in several comedy festivals including the ComedyFLOPS Festival, Binghamton Comedy Festival, Finger Lakes Comedy Festival, Maine Comedy Festival, SheDot Comedy Festival, Midwest Fest, The Laughing Devil Cup, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, Artscape and Baltimore Comedy Festival.

8:30 PM Sat May 11th

Acts: Davine Ker, Sara DeForest, Jay McFall,

Justin Cousson, Michele Sometimes

Davine Ker - Chantilly, VA - Host

Davine Ker paints pictures with thought provoking jokes, concepts, & storytelling. Davine Ker is a stand up comedian, improviser, musical improviser, Moth StorySLAM winner, actor, visual artist and a musician. She has performed throughout the DC area and featured on stand up in shows in New York, Florida, Virginia, California, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Montreal, Canada.

Sara DeForest - San Francisco, CA

Sara DeForest is a standup comic based in San Francisco. Her humor covers topics like how Febreze is problematic, the benefits of dating sensitive boys, and Reno’s out of touch tourism campaigns. Sara performed at SXSW, SF Sketchfest, and the 43rd Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. She appears at clubs around the Bay Area, including Punch Line, The Marsh, Comedy Oakland, Pianofight and (most often) seedy dive bars. She also writes and performs for the sketch groups Basement Party and EndGames. Follow her on Twitter @saradeforest and Instagram @defunkyfo.

Jay McFall - Washington, DC

Jay McFall is a comedian from Dallas, TX. Currently residing in D.C., he recently moved to D.C. after a year in London, his comedy is equal parts dryly observational and gut-bustingly personal.

Justin Cousson - Los Angeles, CA

Justin Cousson is an ethnically ambiguous comedy human who can't figure out what to do with his hair. The Maryland-born comedian has been praised by Reggie Watts in Billboard Magazine for his "shoddy, abstract, very cool" comedy sets, which were a mainstay of several long-running stand-up variety shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. He's shared stages with Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin, Maria Bamford, Judah Friedlander, and numerous others, and his work, which includes stand-up, multimedia comedy, several prominent feuds, and the roommate-shaming faux-art installation Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery, has been featured in Buzzfeed, Esquire, the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, the Washington Post, and Food and Wine Magazine for some reason.

Michele Sometimes - Bowie, MD - Headliner

Michele Sometimes is a writer and stand-up comedian based in the DC Area. She performs up and down the east coast delighting audiences with her engaging and hilarious stories about dating, motherhood, and self-awareness. Under her production company Brainy Girl Productions, Michele produces and hosts an interactive comedy and storytelling show about awkward sex called SMASH!, and a comedy game show called Black Card Declined. She has hosted at the monthly DC Improv Comedy Showcase as well as showcases at Arlington Drafthouse, DC Drafthouse Comedy, and The Comedy Loft At Bier Baron. Michele has featured and/or opened for touring comedians such as Bengt Washburn, Rob Cantrell, Zainab Johnson and Rick Younger. She appears on The Final Five on Fox 5 sharing funny commentary with anchor Jim Lokay about the top news stories of the week. Michele Sometimes featured at Brightest Young Things Bentzen Ball where she performed with Naomi Ekperigen and Andy Beckman, and has appeared both in Marie Claire and Essence Magazine. Despite all of this, Michele has managed to be home long enough to feed two children and a cat who insist on being fed and talked to regularly.

10:00 PM Sat May 11th

Acts: Donna Lewis, Helen Wildy, Erick Hellwig

Laura Manasewich, Darryl Charles

Donna Lewis - Hampton, VA - Host

Donna Lewis is a stand-up comedian, sketch and improv performer based out of Hampton, Virginia. She's opened for comedy legend Marsha Warfield and performed in LA and NYC at well-known clubs. She’s been seen at comedy festivals and also performs sketch and improv comedy with two groups from the Push Comedy Theatre of Norfolk, VA. She performs standup at various clubs locally and regionally such as the Funnybone, Cozzy's Comedy Club, Comedy Zone, and for corporate and private events.

Helen Wildy - Pittsburgh, PA

Helen Wildy is a stand up comedian based in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Helen moved to the United States as a child and grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. She has been featured in the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival. She opened for JC Coccoli during the 2018 Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. In October 2018, Helen opened for Cameron Esposito on two nights of her Person of Consequence Tour. For the month of January 2019, she is the comic in residence at Burning Bridges Comedy Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Erick Hellwig - Los Angeles, CA

Erick Hellwig (America's Got Talent, MTV) is a stand-up comedian that has performed across the country in bars, clubs and festivals. He's opened for Jim Gaffigan and Roy Wood Jr. and has been featured in numerous TV shows and commercials.

Laura Manasewich - Hartford, CT

Laura Manasewich is a comedian from Hartford, CT. She has performed stand up and improv comedy throughout the country. Her comedy is sort of like a Sour Patch Kid - a little punchy, sort of sweet, and best consumed when your parents aren't around.

Darryl Charles - Baltimore, MD - Headliner

Darryl Charles is a comedian (based mostly out of Philadelphia) who has opened for a variety of better known performers like: Adam Ferrara, Greg Fitzsimmons, Dave Attell, Patrice O'Neal and Dick Gregory. He teaches, coaches, and performs improv comedy, and has been a member of ComedySportz Philadelphia since 2011. He is a sketch comedy writer and performer, doing most of that work with the sketch group The Layoff Kids (featured on Funny or Die). He's also the co-host of DTF: The Darryl and Timaree Funhour, the best sex-ed/comedy/gameshow in the known universe. He went to school for electrical engineering. That has nothing to do with the rest of this bio, but it's neat to know.

11:30 PM Sat May 11th

Acts: Beth Haydon, Sofia Javed, Marcus Stewart, Kevin Skiffington,

Jason Planitzer, Lindsay Berrigan, Tiff Money

Beth Haydon - Baltimore, MD - Host

Beth Haydon is a Baltimore comic and cat enthusiast. She hosts several open mics around Baltimore and has performed all over the country. People describe her comedy as provocative and high energy. She was a finalist in the Magooby's Joke House New Comedian of the Year Competition in 2016 and 2018. She has been told she looks like Little Debbie, the mom from American dad, Ponyo, but definitely not Macaulay Culkin.

Sofia Javed - Washington, DC

Sofia Javed can make at least one person laugh. She honed her skills on unsuspecting co-workers and metro riders for an undisclosed amount of time before hitting the stage as a comedian last year. She delivers tightly-worded, thought-provoking jokes around the DC-area and has also performed in Seattle, Chicago, and New York. Sofia’s comedy is inspired by her life as a woman of color in America and her career as a cubicle bureaucrat. She enjoys steak.

Marcus Stewart - Los Angeles, CA

Handsome comedian from St. Louis.

Kevin Skiffington - Centreville, VA

You've probably seen Kevin Skiffington eating at your local Taco Bell, where he spends much of his free time. When he isn't at Taco Bell he is on stage telling jokes for fine folks. The one time aspiring Professional Wrestler and musician has taken his love for following outlandish dreams onto the comedy scene, and one day he hopes to pay his rent with laughs. However, his landlord (parents) still asserts that money would be a much more preferred way to pay the rent."

Jason Planitzer - Brooklyn, NY

Jason Planitzer is a Brooklyn-based comic originally from Pittsburgh, PA. He’s performed in clubs, bars and basements from Manhattan Island to Queens, including Broadway Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club, The Peoples Improv Theater and Q.E.D. He hosts A Touch of Class Comedy Hour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and All That Glitters Comedy in Pittsburgh, PA. Recent appearances include the 6th Borough Comedy Festival in Jersey City, the DC Comedy Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland. Having reached a decade as a NYC resident, Jason is also an accomplished parallel parker.

Lindsay Berrigan - Philadelphia, PA

Lindsay Berrigan is a Philadelphia-based standup comic. She has appeared at Punchline Comedy Club and Good Good Comedy Theater. This will be her first time performing in Baltimore.

Tiff Money - Philadelphia, PA

Bio: 2nd Place winner of the 2017 Cleveland Comedy Festival Contest, Tiff Money is a corporate professional turned comedian with a penchant for keeping it real. Based out of Philadelphia, PA, she performs coast to coast in comedy clubs, festivals, and comedy competitions. She most recently competed in the World Series of Comedy, and was selected as one of the winners of the Sway in the Morning Comedy Search during the New York Comedy Festival at Caroline's on Broadway.

7:00 PM Sun May 12th

Acts: Lilly Sparks, Stephanie Kozikowski, Miranda Pennington, Lisan Wood,

Oona McDougall, Sara DeForest, Cristina Arroyo, Natia

Lilly Sparks - Baltimore, MD - Host

A young (some would describe as quirky) comic, bringing an awkward confidence to stage with a fun and dry darkness to her jokes. She has performed all over the DMV, and in the Baltimore Comedy Festival and Baltimore Fringe Festival within her first year of stand up.

Stephanie Kozikowski - Washington, DC

Stephanie Kozikowski is a DC-based standup comedian. If you ask her, her style is quirky and observational, with stories about being an awkward woman. If you ask her best friend, her style is a mix of dark and why did you say that.

Miranda Pennington - Washington, DC

Author of "A Girl Walks Into a Book: What The Brontes Taught Me About Life, Love, and Women's Work", Miranda Pennington performs comedy at dive bars across the District of Columbia, including DC's Nerd Nite. Her work has been published by Electric Literature, The Toast (RIP), and the Catapult Podcast.

Lisan Wood - Ellicott City, MD

Lisan Wood started doing stand up in the Midwest where she was co-producer and founder of RagTime Comedy. She performed at the Cream City Comedy Festival and currently co-hosts the all ladies showcase at Habana Village in DC.

Oona McDougall - Washington, DC

Oona MacDougall weaves her comedy through with a musical backing that takes her comedic story-telling from her regular semi-monotone speaking voice into a soulful singing voice (that she's also confused about the origins of), and back again. She centers her stories primarily on the subject matters of existential crises, of which she has many, and misperceptions of identity- about her, and from her.

Sara DeForest - San Francisco, CA

Sara DeForest is a standup comic based in San Francisco. Her humor covers topics like how Febreze is problematic, the benefits of dating sensitive boys, and Reno’s out of touch tourism campaigns. Sara performed at SXSW, SF Sketchfest, and the 43rd Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. She appears at clubs around the Bay Area, including Punch Line, The Marsh, Comedy Oakland, Pianofight and (most often) seedy dive bars. She also writes and performs for the sketch groups Basement Party and EndGames. Follow her on Twitter @saradeforest and Instagram @defunkyfo.

Cristina Arroyo - Valley Stream, NY

Cristina Arroyo tells dark jokes. She took her first comedy class in Long Island while on sick leave for knee surgery. She has performed in several festivals, including the NYC She-Devil Comedy Festival, and clubs in Long Island and New York City. She co-hosts a podcast at Governors Radio, "Welcome Back to America," where she discusses the intersection between politics and psychology.

Natia - New York City, NY

The self-proclaimed Beyonce of comedy, Natia is a combination of southern charm, 'hood savvy & HBCU intellect that makes for a magnetic personality you won't forget!

8:30 PM Sun May 12th

The Official Charm City Comedy Festival Closing Mic

Host: Garrett Harvest


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