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Banana Phone

Founded in March 2015, long form troupe Banana Phone performs Harolds and Pretty Flowers, and they host every third Saturday in the Lou Costello Room. Members: Kiki Andersen, David Angeles, Hayley Derryberry, Michael Furr, Tom Matera, Dave McDaniel, Michael Neary, Kim Scarfe, Scott Seiss, Joel Stob



Founded in June 2014, Moonbot performs long form improv. The troupe's members include some original Project performers, and they host every second Friday in the Lou Costello Room. Members: Trish Bachman, Amy Contevita, Parker Damm, Lauren Estell, Nell Fultz, Kyle Hobstetter, Jon Meeker, Derek O'Neill, Ryan Russell



Founded in September 2015, Silversmith specializes in long form. The troupe is comprised of vets and newer performers. They host every fourth Friday in the Lou Costello Room. Members: Chelsea Gray, Cole Grinnell, Ashley Nimmo, Joanna Plasencia, Ian Salyers, Alexa Sciuto, Jon Smeton, Brian Young


Bear Trap

Founded in September 2015, Bear Trap is the Project's only short form troupe. Its members are mostly vets, with some new performers. They host every fourth Saturday in the Lou Costello Room. Members: Dani Ciscell, Christy Dole, Rebecca Gerber, Mitch Fishbein, Noelle Ford, Michael Furr, Andrew Kelly, Adam Long, Shriram Paranjpe, Kate Redmond, Scott Seiss, Joel Stob



Founded in March 2017, Bandicoot is the Project's newest ensemble. They currently perform a WeirDass and host third Fridays at the Project. Members include: Sinclair Ceasar, Ivana Greene, Allison Gross, Bobby Gross, Toni Pollin, Mihir Sheth, Andy Sussman, Jenni VanAusdall